Analysis of Snow Climatology


Project Participants

Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) Members

University of Minnesota
Mark Seeley, Professor (Principal Investigator)
Martha Shulski, Graduate Research Assistant
Kenny Blumenfeld, Research Technician
Amy Cecchi, Web Designer

Minnesota Department of Transportation
Dan Gullickson, Living Snow Fence Program Coordinator (TAP lead)
Elizabeth Hobbs, GIS Technical Lead
Ed Fleege, R/WIS Project Administrator
Lou Barrett, Transportation Program Supervisor
Jim Klessig, Implementation Liaison
Craig Schrader, Mn/ROAD Coordinator

USDA - Natural Resource Conservation Service
Paul Flynn, Assistant State Conservationist for Technology

Data and Software Support

Minnesota State Climatology Office and University of Minnesota, Department of Soil, Water, and Climate
Jim Zandlo, State Climatologist
Greg Spoden, Assistant State Climatologist
Pete Boulay, Assistant State Climatologist
Dave Ruschy, Assistant Scientist

Task Summary Reports

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